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Since 1990 (Insight)
Since 2007 (IP-Symcon)
Facility-control by self-configuring and will thus at the least possible costs !

By a universal software it is possible, to unite and control various devices/systems of the modern household technology in one surface.

Not only the energy-saving idea is an important aspect that you will too appreciate the comfort. This allows eg various lighting scenarios by pressing one button, depending on mood or requirement.

The security of your home is important intended by you. See in time who is standing in front of your door. The system will inform you by mail a picture of visitors at the front door.

“The washing machine is finished.” Let them using speech, without any technical interventions, devices to report certains.

Leave your main-waterline closed automatically in your absence. Monitoring the electricity and water and expose unnecessary consumer, your bills in the amount of the consumption.

The heating oil-/gasconsumption reports daily, your blinds open up or down on a button. Your freezer will send an SMS, because the flag-temperature is below/above the limit.

Opened or tilted windows are quickly identified and can be closed before leaving the house. Unnecessary heating on tilted windows cleared, your garden has not be heated, it’s your money.

Pleasant indoor climate: select a specific temperature for your living room and this is held constant. Use additional heat sources (stove, solar) will be cut back, the intelligent heating. Save heating costs, you see it immediately in your usage graphs .

Motion-/Presence-detectors will help to save power. Devices in standby mode consume vast amounts of electricity, turn on the absence or night mode and the annual total consumption drops considerably.

Provide your mailbox with a radio switch contact, linked to an announcement via your SONOS®-system and important snail-mail will not remain unseen in the mailbox for days.

Monitor rooms with perishable foods (sausage-drying …). Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can cause high damage, regular SMS/Mail to inform you about the current data.

Graphical representations of temperatures, electricity, water, oil/gas consumption can be realized easily.

Doorways with transponders or fingerprint and yet safe? With strong encryption algorithms no problem. A control of presence/absence of pets, vehicles or persons can be realized.

Grab via the Internet on all or only certain functions, while you are away . Update your appointment calendar e.g. Google on the go, the entry will appear very soon after on your internal display.

GPS-Telemetry broadcasting from Vehicles, Vessels..

Connect manufacturer spanning different systems, many existing devices / actuators can be used further.

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